Computerised Scoring System and Scorecards

The leaderboard module outputs progressive scores to one or more television screens or data projectors, in net or gross score order or alphabetically by player name. Results scroll through the competition field and through multiple competitions if there are multiples to display.


The leaderboard is updated after the end of a players round when they hand in their card which then enables immediate leader board updates. Players then see their name ranked within the field when in the clubhouse. Any combination of player names, handicaps, gross score, nett score, result and ranking can be displayed.


Multi-round events can be displayed on the leader board. Progressive results of Club Championships are an ideal example of this, displaying each of the rounds together with aggregate gross, handicap and nett scores.

Results formatting can be “nested” so that each pass through the field can display a different format of results. A stroke event you might display results in gross order, followed by results in net order. This could be followed by the entire field in alphabetical order, and then display the current top 5 place holders, then repeat the process.




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